For the ambitious.

Actualise your full potential, improve your experience and unlock a new chapter in your life without sacrificing your soul.

Reach out to me at and I can direct you to my passionate glowing references if you need one. If you’re enquiring about my relationship and barbell coaching,

Dating & Relationship Coach

Relationships matter. Yet most of us grew up never knowing how, and never progressing. I believe we all deserve to feel unstuck, breathe clarity, and love fearlessly.

Barbell Coach

I’m a certified USAPL Powerlifting Coach and USAW Lvl2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach, and I nerd out hard on great technique. I’m most helpful for beginners, less so for D1 athletes. To date, I’ve coached more than 70 people at this point and helped them unlock their weightlifting potential.

In the past, I’ve also helped people in their nutrition goals since our eating habits correspond to our performance in the gym.

Event Organising

Other than a wedding, whatever you have in mind, I have probably organised it before.

To date I’ve run more than 100 events, corporate dinneres, workshops, conferences of varying size, theme, and budget. Some virtual, mostly IRLs. You can hire me to join an existing team at a short-term contractual basis.

Personal Assistant

If you’re an ambitious individual, you already know how time is your most important asset. Free up your time by outsourcing busywork to an (energetic) personal assistant like me. It’s that simple.

We can trial-run for one week. If you’re unsatisfied by the 7th day, just text “This isn’t working for me”, no feelings hurt 🙂

I’m largely based in Berkeley and I can commute to SF easily. Virtual works as well, and I will try very hard to make my schedule work for you.