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I鈥檓 Tzu 馃尰 I do lots of operations work, life coaching, olympic barbell coaching (certified USAW Lvl2), and a Spotify Top 0.01% Radiohead fan.

You can watch an award-winning documentary made about me.

In college, I’m usually known for this (advice to students) and this (founded 16 clubs) where I studied philosophy, comparative literature, and cognitive science.

I’m actively involved in the AI safety community, like cofounding Caltech AI Alignment, running Stanford AI Alignment, and advising as an honorary board member for Berkeley’s AI Safety. I represented Malaysia for the 2019 International Philosophy Olympiad, and subsequently founded a critical thinking nonprofit at 20 as a Davis Fellow.

I often micro-blog my thoughts and document my growth in the form of instagram stories (you can view my story archives there). Also, proud vegan.

And over at Tzu’s Newsletter – I share an exclusive email with my readers, on five of the coolest things I found for the week!

If you’re ambitious, I would like to work with you. I have a strong track record in these areas where I could add value.

For relationship and barbell coaching, if you donate at least USD $300 to a charity recommended by GiveWell or OpenPhil and email me the receipt, I will do two coaching hours for free. No questions asked.

You can reach me at

Life & Relationship Coaching

Barbell Coaching

I’m a certified USAPL Powerlifting Coach and USAW Lvl2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach, and I nerd out hard on great technique. I’m most helpful for beginners, less so for D1 athletes. To date, I’ve coached more than 70 people at this point and helped them unlock their weightlifting potential.

Event Organising

To date, I ran more than 100 events, corporate dinners, workshops, conferences of varying size, theme, and budget. Some virtual, mostly IRLs. You can hire me to join an existing team at a short-term contractual basis.

If you’re an ambitious individual, you already know how time is your most important asset. Free up your time by outsourcing busywork to an (energetic) personal assistant like me. It’s that simple.


What others say

Dan Hendrycks, Advisor to Elon Musk

“Tzu was a great mentor on powerlifting, especially barbell exercises!”


Katherine, Math + CS

“Tzu is extremely good at identifying really specific things, not just broad issues in form and general trends but really specific movements or exact behaviors that become easy for me to discern in my own movement. Where most people would probably give general ideas about the type of form I don鈥檛 have, Tzu was really good at saying exactly where the issue is, when it happens, and how to tell if it is happening…  

I just feel like Tzu has a level of understanding that is so strong to the point where he can see everything as a piece and explain what muscle is being used and how it would feel and etc. like it is so unhelpful for people to just say words to me because I don鈥檛 know what the words mean or what that should feel like, but he鈥檚 SO GOOD at identifying the feeling that I鈥檓 going for, which makes it incredibly easy to understand what he鈥檚 saying

[Katherine’s very kind words were shortened, it filled one full page]

Watson Fellow

Edward Tranter, Swathmore

“Tzu is a warm, lovely person to work with. He creates a space where I feel relaxed, safe, and able to introspect about big questions such as career options and personal motivation. On top of the philosophical, without Tzu I wouldn’t have the actionable fitness plan that makes up a key part of my daily routine. He continues to support me by listening intently, prompting me at the right moment to reflect, and helping me to organize next steps.”


Katherine Chou, Chang Neuroscience Lab

“Tzu coached me on my SBD lifts! We made an actionable schedule that’s actually sustainable. And now, every time I hit deadlifts especially, I hear his concrete cues and all the form checks he taught in my head.”

Center on Long-term Risk

Julian Stastny, Research Fellow

“Tzu helped me to get from 0 to 1 in olympic weightlifting, over the course of 4 training sessions. In addition to a solid technical foundation 鈥 focusing on the most crucial aspects to get right in a beginner 鈥 he has also sparked a competitive passion for weightlifting in me that lasts to this day.”

Center for AI Safety

Oliver Zhang, Cofounder

“Tzu provided lots of resources, demonstrations, and feedback in a patient and encouraging manner. As a beginner, I’d highly recommend working with him!”


Roman Hauksson, AI Safety + PAIR Fellow

“I attended a weightlifting workshop led by Tzu at Manifest Conference 2024 and found it immediately helpful! His insightful feedback and caring demeanor made for an exceptional learning experience that I recommend to anyone looking to improve their technique.”

UC Berkeley

Bryan Sow, EE + CS

“Tzu was able to pinpoint the exact areas that was holding me back and gave me really good actionable advice on the steps I needed to take, providing me direction to move forward on my path :)”


Yanori Ferguson, Biochem + Math

“Tzu always gives me new energy and direction when exploring careers, expanding the potential of my clubs on campus, and identifying what I want in relationships. He reveals my self-limiting beliefs and flushes out elaborate action plans for anything, from relationship conflicts to re-imagined campus life. Selflessly, he leverages his experiences in pushing his own comfort zone in athletic fixations and dating to make lasting lifestyle impacts on me and a staggering number of others at Occidental.”

Stealth Startup at Silicon Valley

Charles Smith, Founder, ex-Googler and Amazon.

“Tzu’s insightful questions and guidance in my dating life went a lot farther than just showing me what to do – they gave me a whole new mindset tailored to finding mutual happiness that I can apply in other life areas.”


Shyam Rahim, Cofounder

“I felt uncertain about my career decisions and Tzu was invaluable in helping me think through major decisions. He helped expanded my exposure to SO MANY cool things outside of college I never knew existed,


Ethan (Fei Long) Holtzman, Sociology.

“Tzu鈥檚 endless dedication to improving himself is beautifully infectious, inspiring all those around him to become the best versions of themselves. He helped me reimagine the value of time and what it means to be kind.”

Nerd out with me!

鈥漀ow i remembered that the real world is wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, await those who had the courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life, amidst its perils.鈥 馃尰 Jane Eyre

Care a lot, try very hard. There鈥檚 so much to be done. so much impact, lightness, and beauty to be brought into the world.


Oly Weightlifting

Pole Dancing


Jazz Ensemble

Kpop Dancing

Gun Range

Teaching entrepreneurship like YC PG’s essays

Learning the bass!

Joe Dart slaps!


F1 / Sim Racing

Electric Guitar
(Jimi Hendrix Little Wing was my first

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / MMA

Muay Thai


I showed up to weekly college dance classes and did the annual dance showcase twice!

Organised a SpaceX rocket launch viewing!

Vegan Cooking!

All around massive music nerd!

(I still watch League! bro LPL Fiora)